8. October 2022

Effective Team: GROW 7A

The progress of any transformation journey largely depends on building effective teams. Recently, I read an Insead article by Vincent H. DOMINÉ and Fabio Coluccia on Insead, where they shared their GROW 7A methodology.

Aspiration & Alignment
It starts with clarifying each team member’s personal aspirations and guiding principles for the transformation journey ahead. It’s about creating a personal charter for the work ahead. With input from the individual aspirations, the team then creates a team charter.

Awareness & Assumptions
The next step focuses on creating more personal awareness by receiving feedback from teammates. Based on the reflection, each member shares what they liked, what surprised them, and what they see as areas for development to improve the effectiveness of the entire team. Based on the suggested areas for development, it is suggested that possible leadership drivers and blockers be explored. Following the individual awareness and assumptions challenges, the same can then be done for the team.

Actions, Advancement & Achievement
Based on these insights, individual and team actions can be defined and launched. The next step is to maintain momentum, monitor progress – advancement and celebrate success – achievement.

Grow and A-team

The Power of Co-Elevation

In a transformation, it is key to create high-performing teams that cut across reporting line structures. In this context, I very much like Keith Ferrazzi’s

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