Marco van Kalleveen
Passion for trans­forming
and growing businesses

Marco dedicates his professional life to mastering the science and art of making large scale business transformations succeed and making organisations thrive. Currently, he is the CEO of DKV Mobility, the leading European B2B platform for on the road payments and solutions. His quest started with an MBA at Harvard Business School, after which he worked for a decade at McKinsey & Company, both in the US and in Europe. He left as a partner to go to Bain Capital Private Equity in London, after which he stepped into CEO and Management Board roles, to hands-on lead, transform, and grow multi-billion EUR international businesses. Initially at TNT Express (a public global overnight parcel delivery company) and later at Leaseplan (the largest car leasing company in the world), and since 2019 as CEO at DKV Mobility. He currently lives with his wife and daughter in Amsterdam.

Book: Unleash Your Transformation

UNLEASH YOUR TRANSFORMATION is an empowering read for business leaders. Change is the new norm as organizations need to stay ahead in an ever-faster-changing world. However, changing the status quo is hard. So how do you succeed? The book offers a unique holistic and pragmatic approach – “The Transformational Flywheel” – to make change happen at scale. It is based both on decades of hands-on leadership experience in business, private equity, and consulting, and on the latest research and inspiring case studies.

The book is published by Forbes Books and is available among others at and All proceeds will go to

Blog: Transformational Leadership

Marco posts regulary on Linkedin on the topic of Transformational Leadership based on latest insights, best practices, etc. Under the blog section you can find around 50 of the latest posts as a source of inspiration for leaders who are growing and transforming their organisations.