8. October 2022

Do you have a transformative leadership posture?

How to unleash people around you in transformational situations? Frances Frei and Anne Morriss published a great book called ‘Unleashed’. One of the frameworks they introduce is the ‘Standard-Devotion Matrix’. One axis shows to what level you are raising standards towards others, and the other indicates how high your level of devotion is to people around you. This creates 4 leadership postures, of which one is most optimal: justice.

  • Fidelity (low standards/high devotion): toward whom you give what they want (status, access, freedom, etc.) without being demanding, raising their contribution standards.
  • Severity (high standards/low devotion): toward whom are you challenging/demanding in an impatient way with no tolerance for imperfection?
  • Neglect (low standards/low devotion): whom do you have written off and you literally neglect?
  • Justice (high standard/high devotion): who are you committed to, to unleash and let them thrive by raising standards with a lot of devotion?


Who in your team or amongst your stakeholders would you currently place in which quadrant in terms of your leadership posture? For whom should you raise standards, and for whom increase devotion?

Getting more people to the Justice quadrant is key for successful transformations.

The Power of Co-Elevation

In a transformation, it is key to create high-performing teams that cut across reporting line structures. In this context, I very much like Keith Ferrazzi’s

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