8. October 2022

Busy vs Productive

Transforming an organisation is challenging and it requires change on many fronts. Given the often big agenda and many moving pieces, I have frequently seen management fall into the “busy-ness” trap. It’s appealing because it creates an artificial sense of progress. Real progress, however, calls for productive behavior focused on purposeful, quality work on the most important things, often requiring a smarter way of working.

Having regularly fallen into the busyness trap myself, I have learned over the years that taming the busyness-temptation requires ‘smart work’ by changing your belief and mindset as well as engaging in ongoing active monitoring and recalibration.

What are best practices you have developed on this, in a productive way of course 🙂 ?

The Power of Co-Elevation

In a transformation, it is key to create high-performing teams that cut across reporting line structures. In this context, I very much like Keith Ferrazzi’s

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